Cherry Cola Champions

by Cherry Cola Champions

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Recorded by Tim Gerak @ Mammoth Cave Studios in Akron, Ohio and Denver, Colorado. in July and December of 2011' and January of 2012'.


released August 23, 2012



all rights reserved


Cherry Cola Champions Kent, Ohio

From Kent, Ohio since 2010.

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Track Name: Ft. Myers Flyers
I can’t be left alone for too long. Turn your head for a second I’ll be gone. Don’t hold your breathe or call my mom, I’ve climbed this banyan tree a few times before. Let’s ride our bikes to the lake meet at the oak. We’ll swim until it’s dark out then some more. When can I forget how to be old?

I know I’ll stop at nothing less than appetite in situation. In my old bones I just complicate things and never show any affection or appreciation. The steps that take the closest from your eyes. Forget who you call family it’s a lie. Now everything blurs slowly to a dream. And some day don’t you think that I could see?

I cant ignore the sound’s that drag my feet far away from you, the one I claim to love. But maybe this time it can be different if you place your hands over my ears it will be just enough.
Track Name: Poor Poor Petrie
Portrait's sure warp. With all the letters we arrange into words, we puff our chests. It’s hard to feel the end of this pen from the start of my hand. And so we carry on and try our best to keep up, we'll see that relevance is rarely relative.

Torn off, ripped from stripped away. With all to see and all to say. Chest up and face them all.

Portrait's choke hold. A junky still of rarer sorts. Young bones ache to self prescripted thwarts. The cries fade as my eyes burn into such a familiar haze. And still I'll carry on and scrounge up some persistence. Pawn it off, put it with this final point of perspective. Portraits lend a thousand lies.
Track Name: They're Digging in the Wrong Place
Self laid weight on top of and around, all’s I can say is get used to it somehow. Who’s got it made? But still I’ll find it and say, with reason away, never good enough cue dismay.We’ll wait and sit, watch elements deface wood we left out to split from all our careless yesterdays. What’s left now to shovel and throw about? Mom would have a cow. She was right when rearing the route.
Track Name: I Hate Snakes Chuck
Jesse won’t you come out now? We can see your feet, you’re not fooling anybody. Won’t you speak what’s on your mind? Give’ em hell while you’re at it, you’re due for it.

We’re all wandering round. Puffy cheeks from legs always scraping the ground. When will we all gather around? Get close enough, hear our shared sounds.

Joshua your lion heart shines through in the likeness of our daddies, still we share the same weakness. Can’t we line our hearts and dealt hands with the truest of impulsions? We were made for this.

You can’t see your reflection under this deep. We’ll Hold your head above water just breath. You’ll see. Please just see. Can’t you see? Won’t you see? You’ll see.

Selah your freckles and blue eyes bring me back to a place I can barely remember. Can’t we climb the big banyan tree? Tandem tube the water slide. We’re tall enough.
Track Name: Who Acts Like Ravenwood, Marion?
Impulsive, impatiently we mark lines set feet. Open mouths can only cull the first taste lingering. Take a minute can't we? Our appetites mislead us to gorge until surfeit. Still our hearts ween discontent. Unclearly uncertain, your motives push currents. What's true is left treading. Drowned upstream regretting. Take your hands, what exudes? Red stained waters ensue. You can't see, you can't reach through. We go down.

Still you trudge this mount. Name after yourself. Blood clots break free. Your lungs they'll land you'll falter. So retract these lines. Your disregard for harm. Unwound in time to bandage what you can before it scars.

You think you've got it down? But who's at fault when all around you lay your loved ones cut to the ground. You're no exception to the rule. Just start again with what you've seen and maybe they'll still forgive you.
Track Name: Two Downs Don't Make an Up
Hindsight helps me see the shit that’s mine to own. Somehow I didn’t feel it fall from out my asshole. So let’s start again with what we’ve seen and what we’ve learned from, always fucking over the ones we call loved ones.

Next time you’re not gonna push me down and steal my star wars toys when they don’t belong to you I’ve been like that too.When can I just be me in front of you and everyone else? We’re all the same deep down inside we’re all just loved ones.

So let me in I’d like to tell you what’s been going down. I left because I am a coward, because I can’t man up to do even the small things your heart requires. So you can always count on me to fuck it up.

This city, our glory overwhelms. Citizens can’t keep up or keep down. They’ll cheat us, on our backs coming round. So weigh in we’ll come up from the ground.
Track Name: Fievel Goes Midwest
This is what tying looks like from me, just give me a second I'll work out the kinks. Because what I think I'd rather have gets in the way, but this is what trying looks like from me.

Hard sweat should have known, no regress turn all the stones. To take what's been built up slow and end up far from alone. We draw paths sifting through our old lines that simply just won't do. From scars left ourselves we know, leave at once, we walk but we are home. Can we aspire inspiredly? Together conspire consistently?

Work the days with the dance. College kid suburban trance. But what's lost in everything? Who's been bought? oh can't we see? Calculate what it takes with arms clasped, steady no shakes. To feel each crevice and seam, see our piece, our pits stink but still we're clean.

Comforting inhibitions dulling my intuitions. Watered down washed out, cups empty full to confound my eyes, down in my mouth, and into my heart.

Please don't beat yourself up over this one just this once.Why can't it be progress over perfection, perfection? There's no one left to push when you're all alone, all alone. Can't you see you've got to let go
To hold on?
Track Name: The Slow Starter
I can't seem to find you, even with all my plans to do nice things for you. When will I turn the corner? Rearrange the order of what minds think and what hearts know to be true. Cliche to sing I love you, I know you love me too. So who cares what they think
If they only knew, If they really knew.

The greys pour in. This rubbish cannot mix or choke what's growing in the palates of our hearts, we know just where we're going. Away from all the lights and sounds that cave our knees in. We were made for this.

So tell your friends all about the times you spent at bottle’s end. At first that was your love, oh how that came and went. With all your should have, could have, would haves being spent at first to numb, now your paralyzed.

And so why does it have to come down to this?
Low bottoms. My plans and schemes leave no room for you to exist.
Track Name: What in the Blue Blaze?
I’ll wait for the bottom to drop out before I make a sound. Or change my course before I hit the floor, and still get up for more. I’ll wait outside in the cold, with everywhere else I could go. I’ll grow old apart from your heart and my home.

Please don’t stand their help me to the car the clinic isn’t far. In a few days I’ll be good as new. This time I swear I’m through. I’ll stand alone in the dark, with everywhere else to embark. Is it so hard? To keep such a pump from infarct.
Track Name: Guile vs. Bison
Don't hold back, but be careful now. Intentions that aren't straight turn us around. What's it to win? With a standard that's fucked. Turn rebegin? But what will be enough of anything that leads back to me? So the first to be least? Still I'm caught in the seams.

Still holding back as the bags round your eyes. With all to gain and lack, clench your pills steady the ride. American dream, conquer consume and contort everything. Where Rome failed we will not fall short, or lose our grip, when fear is it. Entertain us to death, white collar faults to forget.